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Ship Repair

Our berth on the Maumee River and large fleet of fully equipped vehicles provide H Hansen Industries with an efficient on-site repair capability.

When a marine vessel has a breakdown, our crews are dispatched immediately, anytime of the day or night, to make the necessary repairs. This allows repairs to be completed swiftly, with minimum interruption to the customer's operation. The result: time and money saved.

Sam Laud Ship

Mobile Equipment Used

  • Electric tig and mig welders
  • Welding trucks
  • Portable gas-driven welding machine and air-compressors
  • 15 to 50-ton hydraulic cranes
  • 50 by 32 feet crane scow
  • Five work scows
  • Marine hoist with a 50-ton capacity
  • Flat bed trucks and pick-up trucks
  • U.S. Coast Guard A.B.S. Certified Welders
  • We can also build and launch ships up to 150 feet in length.