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H Hansen Industries has had so many great clients over the years. Check out what a few of them had to say.

"When they came to the job, my concerns to get us back up and running became their concerns."

Fiske Brothers

"It took you less than a week to fix the old switches...The switches worked perfectly that day and have ever since."

Ohio Dept. of Transportation

"Hansen Industries is the outside machine shop that we depend on for responsive, quality service."

BP Oil Refinery

"It took you less than a week to fix the old switches...The switches worked perfectly that day and have ever since."

Martin Marietta

"[Hansen] managed to jump through hoops to get the people together to pick-up, machine and return all the items we needed repaired even on Sunday."

Sun Company Toledo Refinery

"Thank you for your presence and the riveting expertise you provided during the recent dry docking of JOHN W. BROWN. Given the nature and extent of the riveting required, I was very grateful for the skill and epxerience you brought to the job.

You and your team did a superb job making the reveting repairs to the ship and demonstrating to a lot of shipyard workers and Coast Guard inspectors the lost art of riveting. Given the number of people who watched the process from the dock, I wish we could have charged admission! The team also provided a great example of what it is to have a strong work ethic -- a practice that is unfortunatley seldom seen these days.

Work progressed very well when you were on scene and shipyard workers had to move along smartly to keep up or get out of the way. I was particularly impressed with the skill, coordination, and enthusiasm displayed by your team. Your knowledge of the ship, your high standard of quality, and the expertise of the team were key factors contributing to the successful completion of repairs. I am grateful for the time you spent explaining to me and others what was required for the various riveted repairs. That certainly helped coordinate the work with the yard and the Coast Guard inspectors who had seen little reveting previously.

...we will again call on you for advice and for the actual reiveting when the ship goes on dock again.

Please pass on my sincere thanks and a 'Well Done' to the members of your team."

Project Liberty Ship

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