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Boilers/Heat Exchangers

Hansen can build, rebuild, clean or repair all types, designs and sizes of heat exchangers on-site or in-shop. All work is done to R-Stamp and U-Stamp standards that assure trouble-free operation. Parts which are not available from manufacturers are to be fabricated to quickly restore the unit to service.

  • Replace defective tubes
  • Fabricate complete tube nests and shells
  • Complete cleaning of mineral deposits and bacteria
  • Erect, rebuilld, or repair on-site or in-shop
Boiler Repair

Air Compressors

We service all types of compressors: reciprocating, rotary-screw, rotary-vane, electric diesel, natural gas and steam-powered.

We Perform Many Services For Compressors

  • Boring and honing
  • Valve reconditioning
  • Resizing of pistons
  • Teflon conversions
  • Crankshaft repair
  • Rod straightening and reclaiming
  • Intercooler and aftercooler retubing
  • Lubrication and control rebuilding
  • Complete turnkey rebuilding of compressor air systems
  • Complete parts reclamation and nationwide sources
  • Provide new or used compressor parts